Work in Progress Wednesday – More Felted Bowls

Pre-Felting, Bowl in Patons SWS Natural VioletI started crocheting this bowl on Friday. It’s all done in single crochet so it feels like it’s taking a lot longer to make when it’s currently about the same size as my largest blue bowl. I’m using the same brand and type of yarn as before. This time my ball was already wound up into a cake. And I’m currently going through the second ball. I don’t think I have too much left on the pattern at this point. Maybe about another dozen rows.

The yarn is Patons SWS in Natural Violet. It’s the same 70% wool, 30% soy blend as before. My favorite part of this yarn is the green streak running though it, though it’s very hard to see in the picture. I wish that the yarn didn’t switch colors so quickly in this ball. The natural denim had a much slower progression. I’m guessing my last set of balls in another color (which I can’t remember off hand) will have the same progression as the Natural Violet.

The pattern I’m using can be found here. I’m choosing not to put in the carbone ring as I don’t plan on using the bowl for holding yarn. So where it says to stop the continuous rows, I’ve just kept going around.

I’m hoping to do the next bowl with knitting needles, but I’ll need to purchase some double pointed needles as I don’t own any. I also need to figure out what to do with the leftover yarn from the current bowl as I’ll have a decent amount, but not enough to make any sizeable bowls.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do with the leftovers?


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