Work in Progress Wednesday – Butterfly at Rest/Night

ButterflyFairiesNightAges ago I received a counted cross stitch kit for a fairy as a birthday present from my mother called Butterfly at Rest. At the time I had started getting into cross stitch, and since I have a love of fantasy and science fiction I decided that even though this was a daunting project on a 28 count fabric. Ironically my sister gave me a chart book for Christmas of some Butterfly Fairies. The book had two patterns, one of which was my Butterfly at Rest renamed Night and other called Day.

I was fairly new to cross stitch at the time, and I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the line I got a little messed up on the pattern and I gave it up. Thankfully I had only done a few hours of work on it.  So when I was going through old projects I picked this one back up and undid all the original work I had started.

butterflyunfin1Now after several sessions I’m starting to see the pattern take shape. I imagine this project will take me a fairly long time to finish, but I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result. I’m finding it is something I can really only do during the day when I’m sitting near the window with good lighting due to the very slight color variations.

I’m not sure I’ll end up keeping this particular project when I’m finished, mostly because it’s not really my style, but it’s going to be something I’ll be very proud of.