Work in Progress Wednesday – Amian Bag Accessories

Amian Coin PurseSince I have a decent amount of yarn still leftover from my Amian bag, I’ve decided to make a few little accessories to go with it. I’ve started off by making a coin purse (so I don’t have to carry my whole purse around). I’m using the same pattern as the Amian bag, but cutting it down to size. Since it’s a simple repeat of 6 stitches, I just have to decide how long I want to make it and then I can do pattern repeats till it gets to the size I want. In the picture you can see it’s wide enough to hold a checkbook (not that I usually carry one around) and it’s a bit wider than my current coin purse so it’ll be able to hold a bit more.

And since this is my project bag, I’ll probably also make a case for my double pointed needles (and any other needles or hooks that don’t already have their own case) and I’ll be making a book to hold my scissors, darning needle, and stitch markers that will have a fabric lining with pockets.

Anyone have ideas for other accessories I can make with my left over yarn to go with my project bag?


Work in Progress Wednesday – Amian Bag

In an effort to make sure that I work on my projects more than just twice a month during Knit & Crochet night at Yarnivore, I’m going to share my progress weekly with all of you!

I started the current project back on July 25th (before I even finished my potholders).  I haven’t worked on it a whole lot for a variety of reasons and hopefully I’ll be fixing one of those reasons within the next week or two.

Breeze by Brunswick in Azalea and Silver GreyThe yarn I’m using is a discontinued yarn called Breeze by Brunswick in Azalea and Silver Grey.  It’s a very knobbly yarn that I was given by my mother.  I think her original intention was to make a sweater out of it, but I’m making a bag with it.  Because of the knobbly nature of the yarn, I almost put it in my donation pile, but the colors really drew me in, so I decided to use them up before they languished too long and I decided to get rid of them after all.

So, without further ado….  This is where I’m at:Work in Progress Amian Bag - Top ViewWork in Progress Amian Bag - Side View

So far I’ve repeated the main pattern of the bag twice.  Each repeat of the pattern is 4 rows and I’m just starting on my third repeat in the picture. I have no idea how big the bag will end up being, but I do have the number of skeins suggested (in fact I have an extra of each), however the length is not listed on the skeins so I’m just hoping that because the skeins are the same weight it’ll end up working out without being too big or too small.

I’m using a modified version of the Amian Bag.  The pattern calls for a leather bottom, which I don’t have so I crocheted it instead.  And the pattern is also meant to be done from the top down, however I decided to try it from the bottom up as I didn’t really want to sew the bottom and top together.  I’d much rather work it in the round all the way.

I’m planning on putting a fabric lining in the bag when I’m done and using it to hold my current projects.  I’ve got a couple different bits of fabric and I’m hoping that one of them will be big enough to fit the bag when it’s done.