Felted Bowls – Part 3 of 3

feltedbowl3Of all the bowls these are my favorite. I wish they were a little sturdier. I imagine if I washed them one more time they might come out that way, but I’m happy with the way they look and the size they are at, so I’m leaving them as they stand. These ones only went through the wash twice before coming out as they did, which I attribute to the fact that these were the only ones I knit.

I imagine that this set of bowls will get the most use and I’ll probably make another set just like this but in another color and with a 100% wool. I’m going to keep these on my dresser to hold my odds and ends.

You can find my original notes here.

And for some comparison, below is an image of all the bowls I felted:feltedbowl4


Felted Bowls – Part 2 of 3

feltedbowl2This bowl is the only one that didn’t felt nearly as much as I wanted. I can still see the stitches pretty well, but it has definitely shrunk a fair amount.

I put this bowl through the wash two more times than the rest before I decided that was as good as it was going to get. I’m guessing that it was because of the single crochet stitches versus the doubles from the first set of bowls along with the soy blend. However, this bowl is also the sturdiest of the bunch.

While I do like the bowl, I’m pretty sure I won’t do this pattern again as the bottom is way too rounded for my taste. I’m not sure what I’ll used it for yet, but since it’s sturdy I can put just about anything in it, as long as it’s not too big for the bowl.

You can find my original notes on my progress here and the original pattern here.

Felted Bowls – Part 1 of 3

feltedbowl1I finally got around to felting all the bowls to my satisfaction. I initially tried felting the bowls in my washing machine, but they didn’t seem to want to felt. I was worried that they wouldn’t come out since the yarn was a blend of soy and wool. So, I also tried felting them by hand, which produced better results, but they still didn’t seem to be felting as much as I was hoping for.

Since I had made a total of six different bowls, hand felting was getting a bit tedious, so I left them to sit for a while. I decided to try felting them in the washing machine one more time. After two rounds they finally looked decently felted.

After searching through my stash for yarn for another project I did come across some more of the soy yarn I used here in two different colors, both solid. I’m not sure that I’ll try felting with them considering the amount of time it took to felt these. But, since I did come across another felted bowl pattern, I may just give it a try.

To see my original notes on the three bowls pictured, you can check out my original post on my progress here. And the original pattern can be found here.


Work in Progress Wednesday – More Felted Bowls!

Pre-Felted BowlI’m back! And I’ve started a new set of nesting bowls. This time they are done in a knit style. I’m not really sure how this set of bowls will come out, since the pattern seems very much like I’ve made a hat rather than a bowl, but they are very similar in shape.

I’m still using up my Pattons SWS yarn. This time I’m using the Natural Geranium color. I used most of one ball on the first bowl shown above. And depending on how much I use on the second bowl I may only end up with two bowls in this color and style. But I might be able to squeeze out three depending on what’s left over after the second one.

The pattern is, overall, very simple. Cast on as many stitches as needed to achieve desired opening (with the idea that it will shrink). Knit for several rows in the round (30 for the largest bowl, 25 for the next one and 20 if I can squeeze out a third). And then start a slow decrease. This pattern called for K2 TOG, knit 7 for the first round of decreases which meant I needed a total for my cast on that was divisible by 9. Each round after called for once less knit in the repeat and a few rounds of just plain knit interspersed between decreased rows. And then the bottom is sewn up after you bind off. I did a few extra rows of decreasing, though the pattern called for only 12 rows once you started the decrease, just because I didn’t like how big of a gap I needed to sew up.

Hopefully I’ll get all my bowls finished and felted to actually share the finished results with all of you. And then I can figure out which one I liked best so I can start making lots of felted bowls!

Work in Progress Wednesday – More Felted Bowls

Pre-Felting, Bowl in Patons SWS Natural VioletI started crocheting this bowl on Friday. It’s all done in single crochet so it feels like it’s taking a lot longer to make when it’s currently about the same size as my largest blue bowl. I’m using the same brand and type of yarn as before. This time my ball was already wound up into a cake. And I’m currently going through the second ball. I don’t think I have too much left on the pattern at this point. Maybe about another dozen rows.

The yarn is Patons SWS in Natural Violet. It’s the same 70% wool, 30% soy blend as before. My favorite part of this yarn is the green streak running though it, though it’s very hard to see in the picture. I wish that the yarn didn’t switch colors so quickly in this ball. The natural denim had a much slower progression. I’m guessing my last set of balls in another color (which I can’t remember off hand) will have the same progression as the Natural Violet.

The pattern I’m using can be found here. I’m choosing not to put in the carbone ring as I don’t plan on using the bowl for holding yarn. So where it says to stop the continuous rows, I’ve just kept going around.

I’m hoping to do the next bowl with knitting needles, but I’ll need to purchase some double pointed needles as I don’t own any. I also need to figure out what to do with the leftover yarn from the current bowl as I’ll have a decent amount, but not enough to make any sizeable bowls.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do with the leftovers?

Work in Progress Wednesday – Felted Bowls

This last week I finally started making some felted bowls. Since most of my yarn is feltable wool I was going to try making some bowls. So far I’ve only tried one of a few patterns I’ve bookmarked.

Patons SWS in Natural DenimI tested the initial pattern with a wool soy blend so it doesn’t felt quite as quickly or easily as pure wool. It is Patons SWS in Natural Denim. The blend is 70% wool and 30% soy. I really do like the color combination and look. I’m planning on trying to felt it a bit more than I have so far.

Felted BowlsThe second bowl hasn’t been felted yet and is made with a larger bottom and I made it slightly longer. The felted bowl also has a few more rows than the pattern called for. I’ve got enough yarn to do one more bowl, so I’ll end up with a set of three.

If you are interested in the pattern it can be found here.